Gotta a question...

I heard this song last night with a friend, and, while I've heard it before tons of times, I can't recall the name of it, or even who sings it. The friend I was with was certain it's called "The Train" by Plumb, but I've been looking all over the net for the lyrics, and I can't find a match.

It's sung by a woman, and it's a really slow kind of wistful, soulful song, that makes somebody think of long hair, tequila, and that certain someone out there for you. 
The lyrics (that I can remember) are:

"Everybody's looking for the train
(It's the) fastest way to (kill) the pain
They want to be in your arms tonight...
They want to (pretend that it's) alright...

Everybody's looking for a drink..."

And that's all I can remember. The parts blocked out are the lines I'm not sure of.

So. Any ideas? 

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