We Rock Our With Our Cocks Out

that was a joke, if you didn't get it...

__**For Girls That Rock n Roll**__
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Please Note: I'm not the original moderator of this community! swallowyourego deleted her livejournal, and i got passed on the torch! any questions or suggestions are more than welcome!

Quick Info
This community is for Chicks that Rock.

Chicks we idolise.

Chicks we fucking love.

Chicks who inspire us.

This community is here to discuss and share our women idols that influence that rock, and to share your favourite bands with others!

we're not a rating community, nor will we ever be! we're open girls (and guys!) of all shapes, colours, and sizes!

(This community was started on: April 6th, 2006.)


1. Post. What's the point of a community with no active members?

2. Don't fight with anyone. We need to support each other, not insult eachother and annoy everyone else!

3. Please put all pictures under a LJ-Cut. Clickhere for an LJ-Cut Tutorial

4. Promoting is okay, but it needs to be girl-rock friendly!
5. If you're going to post a picture that *may* be offensive, put it under a lj-cut + warning. The mod also has the right to delete anything, although it's never been a problem. We believe in free speech, but use judgement!

Monthly Themes

Click here to see this month's theme--baby pictures! There's more info under the link, and all members are allowed to post as many times per month as they'd like! Enjoy!!

Album Trade

Click here to see the rules and forms for our official album trade! Any songs or albums by any all-girl band, girl-fronted band, and girl-anything band are fair game! So what are you waiting for? Start sharing!


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